Interactive Images

This is a test page I am creating to demonstrate the impact of Hotspots on images.

Hotspots add interactive areas on top of your images. This is useful when you want to cross-sell products. You can shoot photos that contain more items at once and link to each one of them.

An approach that will also inspire your users to combine your products in different ways. For example, you can show them how to combine a jacket with a skirt and a pair of shoes.

Another idea is to present product features by describing different elements of an image. This makes even the most complicated products look easy.


  • Customize the style to fit the look and feel of your website.
  • Responsive design works on the tablet, mobile, and desktop.
  • Display icons as numbers or symbols.

Interactive and Informative

Enable multiple interactions with your product photos with descriptive hotspots.

Cross-sell Products

Use mood boards for your collections and link each product to its unique web page.

Engage Your Users

Encourage visitors to engage and find out more about your products.