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Lauren Cockrell: A Model, Spokesperson, and Explorer


In the world of fashion and brand representation, there are individuals who stand out for their versatility and ability to connect with diverse audiences. One such individual is Lauren Cockrell, a fashion model, spokesperson, and explorer. With her unique blend of passion, confidence, and authenticity, Lauren has made a name for herself in the industry. In this article, we will delve into the various aspects of Lauren’s career, from her modeling projects to her role as a spokesperson and her love for exploration.

Exploring People and Places

Lauren Cockrell is not just a model; she is an explorer of people and places. Her curiosity and desire to learn from diverse individuals have shaped her approach to work and life. Lauren recognizes the beauty of living in a country that is rich in ethnic diversity, experiences, and love. She believes that connecting with people of all ages and backgrounds is essential for personal growth. As she navigates through different communities, Lauren finds joy in engaging with others, sharing her passion, and learning from their unique perspectives.

When it comes to exploring places, Lauren’s hometown of Knoxville, TN, holds a special place in her heart. Surrounded by breathtaking mountains and rivers, Knoxville offers a variety of outdoor activities and opportunities for exploration. Additionally, the city is home to great museums and a rich history that has fueled Lauren’s love for discovering new destinations. Her experiences in Knoxville have shaped her enthusiasm for exploration and her desire to share the beauty of different locations with others.

The Role of a Spokesperson

As a spokesperson, Lauren Cockrell embraces the opportunity to listen, learn, and share with others. Whether it’s engaging in one-on-one conversations or addressing a group, she effortlessly connects with her audience. Her joyful self-expression, enthusiasm, and ability to connect with people from diverse backgrounds come naturally to her. Lauren’s family members have often likened her to her grandmother, recognizing the gift of communication and connection that runs in their blood.

Lauren is particularly selective when it comes to the subjects, products, or destinations she chooses to endorse or represent. She believes in delivering a genuine and committed representation, ensuring that her endorsement aligns with her values and resonates with her audience. This level of dedication and authenticity has made her a sought-after spokesperson in the industry.

Modeling as an Art

For Lauren Cockrell, modeling is not just about striking a pose or wearing fashionable clothes. It is an art that goes beyond surface-level aesthetics. She believes that being a model involves embodying a product, service, or destination with unwavering commitment, confidence, and positivity. It is about effectively communicating both visually and verbally, evoking a sense of intrigue and prompting others to take action.

In Lauren’s view, being a model requires a deep understanding of the product or service she represents. Before choosing to endorse or represent a particular brand, she conducts thorough research to fully grasp how it works and why it stands out. This curiosity drives her to deliver a comprehensive representation that goes beyond superficial appearances.

Collaborations and Brand Endorsements

Lauren Cockrell’s modeling portfolio boasts an impressive array of collaborations with both major corporations and local brands. From partnering with Marriott Hotels & Resorts to representing Southern Tide, a lifestyle apparel brand, Lauren has showcased her versatility as a model. Her work with Marriott involved a weeklong photography and video production shoot, where she not only served as a promotional and lifestyle model but also contributed to the selection of outfits and jewelry.

In addition to global brands, Lauren finds immense satisfaction in collaborating with local boutiques and businesses. Val’s Boutique, a woman-owned local boutique in Knoxville, TN, holds a special place in her heart. Valerie, the owner and a native of Knoxville, has an outstanding eye for upcoming styles. Working with Valerie allows Lauren to bring a unique flair to her projects and support local entrepreneurs.

A Passion for Fine Art and Jewelry

Lauren Cockrell’s passion for modeling extends beyond clothing and fashion. She has also lent her expertise to the world of fine art and jewelry. The Mary Martin Gallery, located in Charleston, SC, is one of the top 25 galleries in North America, according to the American Art Awards. As a promotional model for the gallery, Lauren has had the opportunity to showcase the incredible artwork and contribute to its recognition.

When it comes to jewelry, Lauren has worked closely with Raleigh Diamond, the largest diamond showroom in North Carolina. The project involved capturing images and videos of Lauren wearing a variety of jewelry pieces, showcasing their beauty and craftsmanship. The collaboration with Raleigh Diamond was a fun and rewarding experience, highlighting Lauren’s versatility as a model.

Collaboration with George Randy Bass Photography

George Randy Bass Photography, based in Wake Forest, NC, is a renowned corporate photographer and videographer. Lauren Cockrell has had the privilege of working with Mr. Bass on various projects, including fashion and lifestyle modeling, acting, spokesperson roles, producing, costume coordination, and virtual hosting. Mr. Bass’s highly rated work has allowed Lauren to showcase her skills and versatility in multiple creative endeavors.

Enhancing Your Brand’s Presence

Lauren Cockrell’s unique blend of passion, connection, and authenticity makes her an ideal partner for enhancing your brand’s presence. Whether you are looking for a spokesperson, a model, or someone to represent your destination, Lauren’s commitment to delivering a positive and engaging representation is unparalleled. Her ability to connect with diverse audiences and her natural sense of style and elegance make her a valuable asset to any brand.

If you are interested in collaborating with Lauren Cockrell or have any questions regarding her services, feel free to contact her at Embark on a collaborative journey with Lauren to create a lasting impact on your audience and elevate your brand’s presence.


Lauren Cockrell is more than just a model; she is a spokesperson, an explorer, and a passionate advocate for authentic representation. Her ability to connect with people from all walks of life, her commitment to understanding the products and services she represents, and her dedication to delivering a positive and engaging representation set her apart in the industry. Collaborating with major brands and local businesses alike, Lauren’s versatility as a model shine through in every project she undertakes. If you are seeking a partner to enhance your brand’s presence, Lauren Cockrell is the ideal choice. Reach out to her today and embark on a collaborative journey that will leave a lasting impact on your audience.

Lauren Cockrell
Fashion Model – Spokesperson – Explorer

Model. Let me tell you there are many meanings of “model”. Or better stated there are many impressions of what a “model” is. Back to that diversity thing again. It depends on the experience and background of who you ask. Your mom and dad (another story for another day) have their impression of a “model”. Your friends and acquaintances definition can vary considerably. So being the curious one, I looked up the word “model” in several dictionaries. Here is what I found from Collins Dictionary, a major publisher for over 200 years.

A model of an object is a physical representation that shows what it looks like or how it works. The model is often smaller than the object it represents.

A model is a system that is being used and that people might want to copy to achieve similar results.

A model of a system or process is a theoretical description that can help you understand how the system or process works, or how it might work.

I like that! Let me explain!

I am physical! Before choosing to represent a product, service or destination I will do my research and be able to tell you how it works and why. That curious thing again!

Well, I am not a system that others will want to copy, but I do strive to lead a joyful life that includes sharing myself in a way that others may want to emulate, experience and witness. Whether it is the clothes and jewelry I wear, the services I endorse or places I like to visit.

My Grandmother might say that delivering a good product or service has become theoretical in today’s world. Not theoretical for me, it is a promise!

So here it is! My definition of a model.

“A person that represents a product, service or destination in a committed, confident, and positive way.
Both verbally and visually. In a pleasing and unassuming way and thus naturally creating a call to action from others.”

Lauren Cockrell
Fashion Model – Spokesperson – Explorer