Fashion Model, Explorer, and Spokesperson, that is me!

Being an explorer of people and places will lead to knowledge and understanding!

Exploring people, you ask! We are blessed to live in a country of diverse people. Diverse in ethnicity, interests, experience and love. What better way to grow than to connect and learn from all people, young and old?

Exploring places, you ask! What a beautiful community I live in, Knoxville TN. Mountains and rivers out the back door with the many activities they offer. Great museums and history. It is where I found my passion for exploring.

Spokesperson, I love listening and speaking with newly introduced friends! Engaging with others in a one on one or group setting is exciting for me. My joyful self-expression, enthusiasm and ability to connect with our diverse community has always felt natural for me. My family members say I am much like my grandmother. That we each received this gift from God. I am particularly at ease in my work considering the subjects or products or destinations that I select to endorse or represent.

Lauren Cockrell

My Resume

Model. Let me tell you there are many meanings of “model”. Or better stated there are many impressions of what a “model” is. Back to that diversity thing again. It depends on the experience and background of who you ask. Your mom and dad (another story for another day) have their impression of a “model”. Your friends and acquaintances definition can vary considerably. So being the curious one, I looked up the word “model” in several dictionaries. Here is what I found from Collins Dictionary, a major publisher for over 200 years.

A model of an object is a physical representation that shows what it looks like or how it works. The model is often smaller than the object it represents.

A model is a system that is being used and that people might want to copy to achieve similar results.

A model of a system or process is a theoretical description that can help you understand how the system or process works, or how it might work.

I like that! Let me explain!

I am physical! Before choosing to represent a product, service or destination I will do my research and be able to tell you how it works and why. That curious thing again!

Well, I am not a system that others will want to copy, but I do strive to lead a joyful life that includes sharing myself in a way that others may want to emulate, experience and witness. Whether it is the clothes and jewelry I wear, the services I endorse or places I like to visit.

My Grandmother might say that delivering a good product or service has become theoretical in today’s world. Not theoretical for me, it is a promise!

So here it is! My definition of a model.

“A person that represents a product, service or destination in a committed, confident, and positive way.
Both verbally and visually. In a pleasing and unassuming way and thus naturally creating a call to action from others.”

Lauren Cockrell
Fashion Model – Explorer – Spokesperson