Fashion Model / Spokesperson / Explorer

It is a privilege to represent such a highly respected business as Raleigh Diamond. The largest diamond showroom in NC!

I appreciated working with the entire professional staff at Raleigh Diamond. All were welcoming and very gracious! In addition, I was thrilled with the opportunity to model an extraordinary line of jewelry.

The project included capturing me wearing a variety of jewelry in still and video images, multiple point of interest photographs taken throughout the extensive showroom, creating a Google Street View to be placed on Google Maps and even aerial images.

A fun, challenging and very rewarding project!

Lauren Cockrell
Fashion Model – Spokesperson – Explorer

Lauren Cockrell

Lauren Cockrell

Social Media Promotional Video

Promotional Images

What a joy modeling such extraordinary jewelry. Not only modeling but also learning more about jewelry.

Video Examples

The videos below are intended to be used as a website header that continuously runs. We have developed a color and black and white version.

Google Street View

Google Street View takes advantage of the same Street View technology used in streets around the world – for businesses.  The tour we created for Raleigh Diamond in March of 2022 has been viewed over 45,000 times on Google Maps!!

Interior Images of Raleigh Diamond

Additional Point of Interest images we captured. These image help to illustrate the very large showroom at Raleigh Diamond and the personal touch provided by Raleigh Diamond staff.